Girls who complete this program will walk away with:
  • strategies to help them deal with their big emotions, set backs and pressure from school and friendships groups
  • a real understanding of their strengths and values, providing them with a sense of who they are and supporting them in making choices.
  • an insight into their beliefs and their thought processes and how they are fully in control of changing these so that they can feel differently.
  • the ability to take on new tasks, knowing that their confidence will grow with experience
  • new skills to support them in dealing with bullies and pressure from peers
  • a Vision Board with small goals and aspirations for the future. and some clear action steps on how to get there. 
And of course, let's not forget; 
  • a new set of friends who share like minded values :-)
  • A journal full of ideas, prompts for writing, tools and affirmations
  • a new level of confidence that they can handle just about anything!

  • a named water bottle and nut free snack
  • A3 sketch pad, pencil case with colouring pencils and felt tips
  • a positive attitude and a smile helps :-)

Copyright Carolina Andersson