Q & A
What type of parent coaching do you do?

My coaching is parent centric. This means that we work firstly with what is going on for you. By helping you tune into yourself, you will be able to connect better with your child so that you support them and their needs without feelings of frustration, doubt and overwhelm. Your relationships flourish and you start to see significant changes in your responses to your children's behaviours as well as the behaviours themselves. 

Can I do this program with my partner?

Absolutely! In fact, if both parents are on board, that gets even better results. Some sessions would be done together, and others separate from each other as you are two individuals with separate needs and emotions after all. But taking this journey together will be one you will never regret. 
I have read the books and done the work before but I just can't seem to get it right. Why would coaching be any different?

Reading the books and watching the videos is the first step. By asking the right questions, I will be able to help peel the onion layers back one layer at a time so that you can unearth what is really going on. Your coach is there to listen, ask the questions and be your cheerleader so that you have a safe space to open up and do the emotional work that needs doing. 

What if my partner doesn't agree with this? How do I deal with inconsistencies in our parenting styles? Won't this be confusing for the kids?

The reality of it is, we are not always in agreement with our partners on how to raise our children. If your partner is not on board, that is not the end of the road for you. Do the work, see the transformation in your own parenting and connection with your children, and it might just trickle across to your partner like osmosis. 

What exactly is Conscious Hypnosis and why do you use it in some of your sessions?

Hypnosis works by putting you in a relaxed state of mind and then making suggestions to your subconscious mind that can help you change your behaviour. During the process you are completely in control of your words and your actions. When you are in a relaxed state, you are able to get past the 'gatekeeper', that part of our brain which control things, and tap into your subconscious mind, which is where your habits are formed and stored.

Hypnosis can be especially effective with children as itaps into their active imagination and facilitates healthy, positive change. Often, children enjoy their hypnotherapy experience because it allows them a sense of power and autonomy.

Hypnosis is only used when it is beneficial to help the client move forward and only with permission of the client. It can also be purchased for particular issues as a separate program. 

What does a coaching session with you look like?

Each session lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and is either online or in person, depending on your preference. With children, I recommend doing in person sessions only, as it helps to build rapport and is much more effective in putting the child at ease. 

I will guide my clients with curiosity, using relevant questions, in the belief that they already have the answers and resources they need within them. I am not here to tell my clients how to be, but rather show them the way to their strengths and authenticity. In addition, I may use NLP techniques, Conscious Hypnosis or EFT tapping to support my clients in moving forward and making the transformations they seek. 
What if the coaching doesn't work?

Coaching is a beautiful process by which you will be able to see some incredible transformations within yourself and your kids and your relationship with them, if you allow yourself to be vulnerable, open to what's coming, and willing to put in some work along the way. 
Like everything in life, nothing is guaranteed. There are no quick fixes to anything, and coaching is no exception. The more you put into it, the more you will get out. 

I can't afford this right now. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are an option if it is the only thing which is holding you back from purchasing. As a mother I totally understand the financial strain families are under these days. This is something which you can discuss with me on a free discovery call.
Hi, my name is Carolina and I am a Parenting Coach.  A former primary school teacher of 15 years and with a BSc in Psychology, my passion for helping children thrive lies at the core of what I do. 

I truly believe that to achieve this, I need to help you, as a parent, to thrive first. 

Our connection with our kids - the bond that we create with them from the get go - is largely dependent on how we connect with ourselves... 

Throughout my teaching career, I came across so many children who struggled at school for a number of reasons. I found that the key to these children’s growth and success was building a relationship with their parents which was based on trust, connection and understanding. Without this, parents were left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and lost, and their children’s behaviour would often spiral out of control. 

Then something big happened...

At 39, I met my soulmate. I got married, became a stepmother to 2 beautiful young ladies (9 and 10 at the time), and gave birth to one of my own. 

That’s when I got first-hand experience of what parenting was really like!

I realised that this parenting gig isn’t easy! Triggers that I never knew I had suddenly came up. I got infuriated by things I normally wouldn’t have been, I was sleep deprived, felt judged, overwhelmed, and I simply hadn’t prepared myself for this! 

I had moved halfway across the world to Australia when my son was born. I had left family and friends behind, and all I had was my husband, my midwife, Google, and my mother’s voice in my head, each with their own ideas and opinions about how parenting should be done. 

I finally realised how challenging it could be to connect, to form that bond and relationship with my son and my stepdaughters. I  started to empathise so much more with the parents with whom I had crossed paths as a teacher, with their own concerns, feelings of self-doubt, and confusion. 

And then another thing happened.
I got curious.
Really curious. About why. And how.

I went down the path of personal development and Parent Coaching so that I could begin to help not only myself but other parents like me 'from the inside out'. 

My journey down this path has provided me with invaluable insight into who I am as a person and mother, and the tools and skill sets I have acquired along the way have had a significant and positive impact on my own family and relationships with others.

My journey of self-discovery continues. I have learned to view self-reflection as a beautiful gift for myself. It helps me grow and allows me to do so with compassion and empathy. 

If I can help even one mother to do the same for her, to find that peace within, to help her understand her child better, so that she can begin to parent from a place of calm and true authenticity without feelings of overwhelm or judgment,  then I have achieved my purpose. 

Want to know more about me, my other passions in life and my credentials?

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